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Lorena Canals presents: Planet Bee. Where bees buzz freely, bringing the world of honey, bears, and flowers to life in children's decor. The collection, from interactive rugs with flowers and bees to bear-shaped poufs and flower cushions, adds both fun and education to your child's space, raising awareness about the crucial role of bees and nature.

Lorena Canals Planet Bee Collection

Interactive and educational rugs

  • Transform your child's play area into a buzzing garden with Lorena Canals Planet Bee rugs. Designed to engage and educate, these washable rugs feature adorable bees and flowers, perfect for teaching children about the importance of nature and biodiversity in a fun and interactive way

Cozy and creative accents

  • Lorena Canals bear-shaped poufs and flower cushions are more than just comfortable—they’re conversation starters. These unique pieces are designed to bring the outdoor charm of gardens and forests indoors, enhancing any room’s decor. Pair them with their stylish area rugs for a complete and cohesive nature-themed room.

Sustainable and stylish

  • In the spirit of preserving the beauty and importance of nature, all items in the Planet Bee collection, including their plush wool rugs, are made with sustainable practices. These designs not only decorate your home but also support the environment, reflecting a commitment to the planet and our future.

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