About Us:

At Sprout Babies, we share the concerns that parents have about their child's exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. That's why we've created a haven of organic baby products that cater to every need for a wholesome beginning. From the gentlest organic clothing and sustainable furnishings to non-toxic toys, pacifiers, and even premium brand baby gear like strollers and car seats – we've thought of it all.


Why Choose Sprout Babies?

🌱 The Organic Difference: 

Our commitment to organic excellence ensures that your baby experiences the purest and safest materials, giving them the best possible start in life.

🏡 Creating Healthy Spaces: 

From sustainable furnishings to non-toxic playthings, we curate a range that transforms your home into a haven of health and happiness.

👪 Every Parent's Ally: 

Whether you're embarking on the journey of parenthood for the first time or enhancing the well-being of your family, we stand with you as your trusted partner.

🔬 Informed Choices:

Our dedication to research and third-party testing empowers you to make decisions rooted in knowledge, safeguarding your child's well-being.

🌟 A Place of Trust: 

At Sprout Babies, we've woven trust into every fabric and design, so you can focus on creating beautiful moments with your little one.

Our Criteria:

  1. We've done the research to make sure that the item is made of natural and organic materials when possible
  2. There are no toxic ingredients (BPA, BPS, phthalates, toxic dyes & perfumes, pesticides, PVC, and formaldehyde + more)
  3. We've tried it, we've learned about the Brand and manufacturing and we LOVE it!

At a minimum, we avoid the following ingredients inall ofour products. While there is no such thing as zero concentration of a toxin (because chemicals spread in surprising ways), our requirements are well above those of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the FDA.

The Chemicals that we avoid:


Commonly Found in:

These substances may be present in paints, dyes, and metals employed in various consumer products such as toys, furniture, equipment, clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, ceramics, and even printed diapers.

Reasons to avoid:

Avoiding these materials is crucial due to the potential health risks associated with exposure to heavy metals, with lead being a prominent concern. Such exposure can lead to nerve damage, learning and behavioral difficulties, reproductive harm, and irreversible brain damage.


Commonly Found In:

These toxic flame retardants can be commonly encountered in a range of products, including mattresses, car seats, upholstered furniture, strollers, and children's pajamas. Notably, older mattresses tend to contain the most potent flame retardants.

Reasons to avoid:

It is essential to steer clear of these substances due to their potential harm. Flame retardants are recognized as endocrine disruptors and have been associated with reproductive issues, breast cancer, and adverse effects on child development, including those occurring during fetal development.


Commonly Found in:

These substances may be present in a variety of items, including baby bottles, water bottles, plastic cups and plates, plastic lunchboxes, food storage containers, specific plastic toys, and even certain socks.

Reasons to Avoid:

It's imperative to avoid these products due to the presence of bisphenols, which can mimic the hormone estrogen. These compounds have been associated with a range of health concerns, including various cancers (such as breast and prostate cancer), female infertility, diabetes, and heart disease. Even minimal exposure to these chemicals can have long-lasting and detrimental effects.


Commonly Found in:

Phthalates are pervasive and can be found in a wide array of products, including toys, synthetic clothing, baby gear, and furniture. They are most commonly associated with plastics but can also be unexpectedly present in other items.

Reasons to Avoid:

Avoiding phthalates is crucial because many of them are recognized as endocrine disruptors. These chemicals have been linked to a heightened risk of asthma, allergies, eczema, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, male fertility problems, and even certain types of cancer.


Commonly Found in:

This substance can potentially be present in a range of products, including waterproof crib sheets, waterproof diaper changing pads, waterproof diaper changing pad covers, soft toys, and various other items.

Reasons to Avoid:

Vinyl, used to provide softness and flexibility, necessitates the inclusion of additional plasticizer chemicals. Among these, phthalates, bisphenols, and other toxic substances are often added to vinyl. These chemicals can have perilous effects, as discussed earlier, including an elevated risk of fertility issues, cancer, and more.


Commonly Found in:

These substances may be present in a variety of products, including paints, furniture, rugs, vinyl flooring, cosmetics, nail polish, air fresheners, and cleaning products.

Reasons to Avoid:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are potential human carcinogens that can release harmful emissions into your living space, essentially contaminating the air in your home. Exposure to VOCs can lead to symptoms such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and skin issues. In cases of higher concentrations, VOC exposure may result in damage to the liver, kidney, or central nervous system.


Commonly Found in:

This substance can potentially be found in wood (naturally occurring), particle board, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), as well as in glues and adhesives. It is frequently added to less expensive glues and adhesives used in the assembly of plywood.

Reasons to Avoid:

Formaldehyde is associated with an elevated risk of respiratory issues, including wheezing and asthma, as well as an increased likelihood of developing certain types of cancer.


Commonly Found in:

This substance may be present in products featuring water- or stain-resistant fabric, including rugs and carpets.

Reasons to Avoid:

PFAS, particularly the long-chain varieties, have been associated with a range of health concerns, such as elevated cholesterol levels, compromised immune response, reduced infant growth, alterations in liver enzymes, and an elevated risk of kidney and testicular cancer.

Join Us!

Whether you're a brand-new parent seeking the best organic essentials or a seasoned caregiver aiming to replace conventional items with safer options, we recognize the significance of informed choices for your little ones. Your baby's wellness is our ultimate priority, and our mission is to provide you with absolute peace of mind.

Join us on this journey of mindful parenting and conscious choices. Explore Sprout Babies and discover a world where organic care meets the ultimate peace of mind.

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