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The Secret Recipe for Fun Starts in the Kitchen

What if we take you on a trip down memory lane, to Lorena’s childhood days around a vintage-style 1960s kitchen?

The heart of the home and a natural playground to brush up on cookery skills, the kitchen is a source of tradition and a family’s essential gathering point.

Culinary love spreads around the house now through textile decor and toys that add a hint of the traditional kitchen. Checkered tiles and tea cloths become plush cotton rugs, whereas Vichy tablecloths are now poufs. Baskets become much more than baskets transformed into interactive textile toys. Meet our very own textile play kitchen, toy washing machine, and traditional kitchenware, from cookie jars to honey pots.

Calling all junior chefs out there—aprons on & let’s have a blast in Lorena's textile kitchen!

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