Step into a world of adventures where a magical forest awaits your child's exploration. A collection inspired by forests and the excitement of searching for mushrooms.

Magical forest floors

  • Bring the forest floor to your child’s play area with our themed rugs that capture the spirit of a mushroom hunt. Our washable rugs are not only delightful in design but also practical, making cleanup after playtime a breeze and keeping play areas fresh and inviting.

Expand your adventure area

  • Complement the mystical theme with our larger area rugs, designed to give your child more room to roam and explore. These rugs create a perfect setting for imaginative play, allowing children to feel like they’re stepping into their own magical, wooded wonderland.

Soft and safe explorations

  • Each piece in our Mushroom Hunt collection, including our soft wool rugs, is made with care to ensure they are safe and comfortable for children. These wool rugs add a layer of warmth and texture to your child’s exploration space, making it cozy and inviting for everyday adventures.

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