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Lorena Canals

Sensory Book Animals

Sensory Book Animals

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Discover the colorful world of fruits and veggies!

A handcrafted textile book of fruits and veggies with colorful canvas patches that stimulate their visual senses and creativity.

With a shaggy cover decorated with a rainbow, this sensory book is a fun way to relate simple words with colors.

It is made by upcycling textile scraps from our own factory making it an eco-friendly choice for your kids decor.

This is a unique artisan piece, carefully designed by Lorena Canals and sustainably handcrafted in our own factory using natural fibers and upcycled materials, non-toxic dyes, and a firm commitment to the planet and people. From the design process, to material sourcing and production, we always choose options that minimize waste and ensure long-lasting designs

  • Upcycled: Products made from textile scraps from our own factory. Giving a second life to waste.
  • Imaginative play: This charming toy sparks imaginative play, while taking us on a nostalgic journey. It helps to develop emotional, sensory and cognitive skills.
  • Educational: Raise awareness among children about the importance of nature. Bees, flowers, eco-cities, oceans etc.
  • Decorative: Much more than a toy, a decorative piece to last forever and to enhance your kids room.
  • Collectible: With a variety of charming designs in the same line, this product invites you to select your favorite or collect them all.
  • Colors: Honey, Navy Blue, Yellow, Green, Beige, Petrol Blue

For Ages: 3 Years +

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