Maple Landmark

Introducing Maple Landmark, our newest addition at Sprout Babies! Known for crafting high-quality wooden toys in the USA, our favorite Maple Landmark product is their NameTrains. These customizable wooden trains make delightful toys and cherished keepsakes, promoting both play and early literacy skills. With a commitment to using sustainably sourced maple wood, Maple Landmark offers safe and beautiful toys that support American craftsmanship.

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Create your NameTrain!

Create your own unique name train!

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Add Engines and Vehicles

Honk, honk! Fire trucks, race cars, and other vehicles don't usually go on train tracks but it's a NameTrains world - anything is possible, so make it your own!

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Add Animals

Moo, quack, roar, neigh! From our household favorites to the barnyard to the safari, these new friends bring life and excitement to any train.

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Add Scenery

Bring the train into town... or the town to the train! These buildings fit perfectly with your NameTrains set, providing some landscaping and character around the tracks.

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Car Sets

Check out these themed sets of NameTrains accessory cars! Ranging for 2-5 cars, there an option for every price-point and a selection of themes.

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Add Bridges

Building NameTrains sets to new heights! With these beautiful bridges, the kids will be crossing the smallest streams and largest lakes!

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Get a track Set

Combining cars, track, and other accessories, these train sets will have you well on your way to NameTrains fun! Something for every level and price!

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